8Squad Centre of Excellence (CoE)

8Squad Centre of Excellence

Where do you start

  1. Do you have a fully informed Strategy?
  2. Have your plans coalesced as a well defined Roadmap?
  3. Are you Balancing strategic and tactical needs?
  4. Do you have the right standards and architecture?
  5. How much technical debt have you accumulated?
  6. Are you getting the best from every Salesforce release?
  7. Are you achieving acceptable return on your investment?


Salesforce success is achieved with four essential principles

1 Expertly Crafted Roadmap
That aligns your business objectives and strategy to the best of Salesforce

2 A Strong Governance Structure
Driving quality and ROI

3 Capabilities
To continuously implement and manage change to defined standards

4 Discipline Of Continuous Improvement
Supporting Business Transformation


8Squad Centre of Excellence


Take an assessment

We can baseline your current capability and capacity including across the three core elements:

  1. Strategy to Roadmap alignment
  2. DevOps Capability
  3. Healthcheck & Tech support gaps

We’ll provide a full report on process gaps, tech debt, cycle time improvement opportunities and roadmap risks.


More information about the CoE is available at https://8squad.com.au/solutions/centre-of-excellence/

More information about the 8Squad acquisition of Salesforce is at Two21 has joined 8Squad