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Two21 office from Brodie-Hall Drive

The “new” Two21 Office

The Two21 Office is now in Tech Park in Bentley. Tech Park is home to a super computer and a number of high profile companies. It’s away from the Perth …

Salesforce Admin Training 2021

Salesforce Admin Training Program 2021

Salesforce Admin Training program in Perth Two21 have decided to trial a free Salesforce Admin Training program to enable more WA residents to become Salesforce Certified Administrators. This is an …

Salesforce DevOps

Clicks vs Code in Salesforce

When to select Clicks vs Code There are two types of programming typically used: imperative programming (or code) and declarative programming (usually referred to as either clicks or config). Imperative …

IoT Board

Salesforce IoT Example

Using Sensors to create Salesforce IoT Service Cases Sensors are everywhere and becoming an expected part of life. Behind the billions of connected apps, devices, sensors, and sites, there are …

Pardot Specialist Exam Header

Pardot Certifications

Pardot (B2B Marketing Automation on the World’s #1 CRM) Salesforce pitches Pardot as “a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to …

Two21 Website version 2 screenshot

Two21 Website – Version 3

The Two21 website has been updated again. The original website was WordPress, for flexibility. I was watching the number of attempted hacks on the website and decided to avoid it. …

Troy Larson from the Pollexy Project

What started Two21

Two21 started in Nov 2018 with a vision to help people with disabilities, NFPs and government improve social outcomes using technology.