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Software testing definitions

Software testing definitions We recently went through the process of explaining definitions to a customer and thought it was a handy reference to share. Error – ISTQB Definition: A human …

Salesforce DevOps

Clicks vs Code in Salesforce

When to select Clicks vs Code There are two types of programming typically used: imperative programming (or code) and declarative programming (usually referred to as either clicks or config). Imperative …

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Salesforce IoT Example

Using Sensors to create Salesforce IoT Service Cases Sensors are everywhere and becoming an expected part of life. Behind the billions of connected apps, devices, sensors, and sites, there are …

Salesforce podcasts

Salesforce Podcasts

Salesforce Podcasts Podcasts are a key way to passively consume content. There are podcasts created by the mothership however this is more about the other ones, the independent ones.   …

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Why select Salesforce CRM for your NFP?

This post explains why Two21 uses the Salesforce CRM for Not for Profits in Western Australia. The Salesforce CRM is a Gartner leader and the Nonprofit Cloud has been in development for over 6 years.