Last updated on 5-Feb-2022


The WA State Governments has no mandatory requirements for staff working in the Professional Services / Consulting Sector.

Mandatory vaccination is not currently a government requirement for customers and visitors at this point in time.

The WA Government had planned to reduce the border restrictions on 5 Feb. There is no updated date on this however it will change in the future.

Regardless of the WA Government position, Two21 has an obligation to our staff, customers and the general public to maintain safety and operational standards.


Two21 COVID-19 Policy

Two21 support the requirement and choice for organisations that have vaccine mandates. If your organisation is in such position, you (or someone else) has decided that you are in a high risk (or high impact) category.

Standard risk mitigation procedures recommend the most effective solution is avoidance. If you are in a high risk or high impact category, Two21 will avoid contact and complete all work from the Two21 offices therefore not attend your site.

For any reason, if Two21 believe it is an appropriate decision to substitute the onsite meeting with a virtual meeting, and will not attend onsite meetings. Onsite meetings are sometimes more productive however all work can be completed remotely if required.

As Two21 is not in a high risk category. In person meetings can occur at the Two21 office.

If anyone (staff, customers or visitors) has any symptoms or feel unwell they should not attend onsite meetings anywhere, including the Two21 office.

Two21 has staff, their family members, customers and friends that we wish to protect. We understand everyone has their own concerns and impacts. We do not to increase the risk of them getting COVID.

A policy will not cover every scenario. We encourage a conversation if we need to adapt this policy to your specific circumstance.

This policy is to be updated as more information becomes available.


For more information on the WA Government policy, we visit