FlowFest v1 – 23 Feb 2022

FlowFest v1- The World’s Virtual Flow Competition!

FlowFest is a virtual, live-streamed event taking place on the February 23rd. Salesforce Ben has partnered up with the Ohanaly team to host an event that will test the skills of our competitors, and skill up those who are looking to dip their toes into the world of Flow.

The event will be a 50-minute, hack-a-thon style competition, where competitors will be battling it out to create a series of Flows, each getting more and more complicated. We have a panel of Flow experts who will be judging the solutions being created, ensuring each one works and follows best practices.

The issue for Perth people is the start time of 11pm AWST. Not ideal.

More information is available from the Salesforce Ben website here.