Pardot Certifications

Pardot (B2B Marketing Automation on the World’s #1 CRM)

Salesforce pitches Pardot as “a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.”

At Two21, we have a different view. We don’t use it for B2B. We use it as a lightweight marketing automation tool that strongly couples with Salesforce to provide most of the requirements that a small organisation would want. The bigger version, Marketing Cloud, is great however it is best suited to environments where there are dedicated marketing teams. SME and NFPs typically have part-time administrators and Pardot is ideal for that scenario.

As part of skilling up the local Perth Salesforce ecosystem, the local developer group ran a certification preparation day (as agreed at the end of 2020).

The Pardot Specialist Exam is a prerequisite for the Pardot Consultant Exam. The consensus is that the Specialist Exam tests what functionality is available and the Consultant Exam tests you on when to use it. The wording however is pretty confusing.


The Consultant Exam key resources

The Pardot Specialist Exam Guide.

The exam outline consists of:

  • Visitors and Prospects: 8%
  • Administration: 11%
  • Pardot Forms, Form Handlers and Landing Pages: 20%
  • Lead Management: 24%
  • Email Marketing: 20%
  • Engagement Studio: 17%

Jenna Molby’s website, specifically the practice exam.


The learnings

We had different perspectives and had great conversation. We scored 66% on the exam. Our key areas of improvement were reporting and managing engagement (when stopping and starting customer journeys).

It was held at HBF Stadium (Mt Claremont) . The venue (meeting room and café) was well suited.

The meeting finished early due to the Perth COVID lockdown announcement. We finished at 1pm instead of the scheduled time (4pm) as lockdown started at 6pm.



This post will be updated if a certification day for the Consultant exam is run.