Quokka Dreamin’

What is Quokka Dreamin?

The “Dreamin” events are Salesforce Community Conferences. Quokka Dreaming is Perth’s version and part of the Down Under Dreaming events.

Here are links to the other state events:

These events are community run. As this is Perth’s first event, we are starting small and local.

Events will presented in 25 minute timeslots with local speakers and some remote (international and interstate) speakers. Some will be recorded, some won’t due to sensitive information.

Book 10am to 4pm on 13th November. For details about Quokka Dreamin (as they become available), go to http://www.quokkadreaming.com.au/

Why Quokkas?

When the COVID travel restrictions are reduced, Quokkas and Rottnest Island is a great incentive to get speakers. Perth is the most isolated city in the world but it’s worth the effort to visit.

Have a look at how Roger Federer helped increase tourism in Perth – https://thewest.com.au/news/rottnest/rottnest-island-how-roger-federers-quokka-selfie-sparked-a-wa-tourism-rush-ng-b88751329z


Previous events

Last year’s event was the Perth Not For Profit Salesforce Hackathon to help the local NFP community.

Perth Salesforce NFP Hackathon 2020