Salesforce Perth Developer Group Meetings

There are currently 5 Salesforce related community groups in Perth. These community groups are run by local volunteers with the booking portal and swag provided by Salesforce. The community is commonly referred to as “the Ohana”.

The Perth Salesforce Developer Group has been the most active local group over the last couple of years. The purpose has been to help people with their Salesforce careers, with a focus on using Trailhead at either Trailhead Tuesday or Superbadge Saturdays. If you don’t know Trailhead, it’s Salesforce’s gamified free online training. You can sign up at

The Trailblazer Community helps everyone thrive in the Salesforce economy.  Join us and learn, connect, have fun, and give back together. Below is a list of the current Perth groups where you register for the meetings and updates:

Coding and Training – Perth Salesforce Developer Group
Product information and general updates – Perth Salesforce User (Admin) Group
B2C Marketing topics (Marketing Cloud) – Perth Salesforce Marketing Group
NFP topics (such as fundraising and NPSP) – Perth Salesforce NFP User Group
A community for women, allies, and gender non-binary individuals – Perth Salesforce Women in Tech Group


We had virtual meetings during the local COVID restrictions but where possible, we have in person meetings. We are fortunate in Perth to have a “hard border” stance and the impacts have been less than elsewhere.

Also, have a look at the @SalesforcePerth Twitter account for updates about the local scene.