Perth Salesforce Meeting Groups

Salesforce Meetup Groups in Perth, Western Australia

There are 5 registered Salesforce Perth meeting groups (in 2020). These community groups are run by local volunteers, support of Salesforce. The community is commonly referred to as “the Ohana” and is a global support network.

The Perth Salesforce Developer Group has been the most active local group recently. The exists to help people with their Salesforce careers, with a focus on using Trailhead badges. Meetings are either Trailhead Tuesdays or Superbadge Saturdays. The Trailhead Tuesday meetings were at Dôme Westralia Plaza during 2018 but then transitioned to Salesforce Saturdays for more time. The venue has been Dôme Scarborough Beach, Dôme Osborne Park and at HBF Stadium (including a NFP Hackathon ).

Trailhead is Salesforce’s gamified free online training. It’s free to sign up at


Meeting Links

The Trailblazer Community helps everyone thrive in the Salesforce economy.  Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings, regardless of their experience. The main rule is that there is no selling at the meetings. That can be done outside the meetups.

The current Perth groups are:

Product information and general updates – Perth Salesforce User (Admin) Group
Salesforce Coding and Training – Perth Salesforce Developer Group
B2C Marketing topics (Marketing Cloud) – Perth Salesforce Marketing Group
NFP topics (such as fundraising and NPSP) – Perth Salesforce NFP User Group
A community for women, allies, and gender non-binary individuals – Perth Salesforce Women in Tech Group

There are other events, such as Dreamforce to You, that are posted in these groups.


Updates for 2021

  • The meetings in Perth are no usually recorded or online.
  • The Perth Developer Group meetings in 2020 were reviewed and a new plan created.
  • The Perth User / Admin Group are planned for 2021. (The likely venue is the City of Stirling offices.)