Two21 and Salesforce are working together on mining centric solutions. The “Tomorrow Together” campaign is to demonstrate how the platform can be leveraged to improve consultation, operations and safety within the mining and resources industries.

Two21 Salesforce Solutions for Mining and Mining Services

Tender Management

Customer need: The customer provides rail services to mining and non-mining clients. They used spreadsheets to manage concurrent tenders responses and “missed” key milestones.

Two21 & Salesforce Solution: Two21 implemented a tender response management system for the client. This tracked each part of the tender responses, with automated notifications and approvals. It also provided real time reports and an execuritve dashboard that didn’t need to be manually created from spreadsheets, prior to each management meeting.

Stakeholder Engagement

Customer need: Customer communications with various internal and external stakeholders and was only able to track them by forwarding emails or manually storing them.

Two21 & Salesforce Solution: Two21 implemented Sales Cloud to manage the opportunity plus email tracking and stakeholder management. This enabled everyone with a Salesforce licence with visibility of the historical consultation for each stakeholder.

Project Prioritisation and Engagement Tracking

Customer need: The customer was working with numerous internal stakeholders with limited tracking of communication within the complex relationships.

Two21 & Salesforce Solution: Two21 implemented Sales Cloud, integrated it with Jira and added email integration. The existing Jira processes remain but are augmented with communication recording, stakeholder management and flexible reports and dashboards .

Kalgoorlie Superpit

Two21 Competencies

Two21 have certified professionals in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Pardot (for Marketing Automation). We combine these with the use of AppExchange products, third party solutions and integration capabilities. Two21 have prototypes to enable field services via AWS and IoT.