Salesforce Fundamentals – By Salesforce

Salesforce Fundamentals training  (FREE!)

Did you know that 9.3 million jobs will be created in the global Salesforce ecosystem by 2026? Sure, they aren’t all in Perth, Western Australia or even Australia but it’s an in demand skill that you can’t ignore.

Salesforce are providing a three-week, free course that gives you all the tools to find your career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Each week is 2 hours of self-guided learning and 1 hour of live teaching. Weekly sessions are every Friday at noon (9:30am IST/12pm SGT/2pm AEST) starting August 5th. Sessions will be recorded, so RSVP and receive the recordings of any meeting.

What to expect

Each week, you’ll attend a live session (or watch the recording) and receive an email with recommended Trailhead modules and other career resources to help kickstart your Salesforce journey.

Week 1 – Introduction to Salesforce

Learn about customer relationship management, why companies use Salesforce, and why the demand for Salesforce talent is growing so rapidly. Explore different career paths and companies that hire for in-demand Salesforce skills.

Week 2 – Build Your Salesforce Business Skills

Discover how Salesforce is used in real-world business contexts, from a customer and Salesforce Administrator perspective.

Week 3 – Get Started in the Ecosystem

Get ready for the next step of earning Salesforce credentials. Learn about options to acquire more Salesforce skills, and choose the best one for you.


How to register for the Salesforce Fundamentals training

Registration for Salesforce Fundamentals is at and yes, it is free.

If you would like more help with onsite Salesforce training in Perth, send us a message to discuss.