Nonprofit Cloud Features

Nonprofit Cloud Features

Here are some of the main features in Nonprofit Cloud (which was previously called Non-Profit Success Cloud or NPSP). There’s more regarding Marketing Automation, integration and other functionality that are treated separately to Nonprofit Cloud.

Features of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

1. Stakeholder Management

All NFPs need to track their supporters, members and community interactions. Key features include:

  • Manage individual constituents and households;
  • Track the information of Members / Donor, such as demographic and contact information;
  • View their relationships and affiliations; and
  • Engagement with major donors.

2. Donation and Grant Management

Those NFPs with ACNC DGR status should track Donations and sometimes provide Grants. With Salesforce NPSP you can:

  • Track Donations;
  • Manage Grants and Allocate funds;
  • Maintain Recurring Donations and Pledges;
  • View household giving history; and
  • Fundraising Campaigns, Soft credits and matching gifts.

3. Program Management

Many NFPs have members, that are treated differently when sharing information to members. With Salesforce NPSP you can:

  • Manage Many Different Types of Programs;
  • Deliver Personalized Client Services;
  • Track, Manage, and Coordinate Volunteers;
  • Engagement with program participants; and
  • Report on impact.

4. Volunteer Management

Some NFPs need to manage the volunteer program by understanding volunteers and tracking their volunteer hours. With Salesforce NPSP you can:

  • Volunteer profiles;
  • Match volunteer skills to volunteer opportunities;
  • Track volunteer jobs/opportunities – ongoing or for a specific event;
  • Define shifts for specific jobs; and
  • Volunteers can sign up for shifts.

5. Fundraising Campaign Management

All NFPs should measure ROI on fundraising or programs.  With Salesforce NPSP you can:

  • Create deduplicated Mailing Lists from a Campaign;
  • Create and update Campaign Members via sales opportunities; and
  • Campaigns can be executed within or outside Salesforce based on the nature of campaign.

6. Reports and Analytics

NFPs also need to demonstrate their value. Salesforce allows reporting of any captured information (however the data structures must be correctly built).

  • NPSP Member Reports;
  • NPSP Fundraising Reports (there are many standard reports but they can be customized to your specific needs); and
  • Dashboards, which are visual representations of KPIs from reports.

7. Mobile

NFPs need to work from anywhere. With Salesforce NPSP you can (from a mobile app):

  • Household and Organization Accounts;
  • Contacts / with automatic Household Account; and
  • Donations.


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About Two21

Two21 is Perth’s leading Partner and has been supporting Western Australian charities since we started in 2017. Two21 has commitment to Pledge 1% and provides discounted services to charities.

We sometimes run free Salesforce training courses to NFPs. This training is sometimes extended to volunteers so they become certified and may pro bono Salesforce work experience. Contact us if you would like more information.