Businesses of any size can benefit from using a CRM solution such as Salesforce. A CRM system can strengthen sales, improve customer service and grow business revenue by centralising customer communications into a single platform.

Two21 and Salesforce work together to determine the right licences and customisations so that customers can get a quick return on investment. The Two21 implementation services use Salesforce best practices to set up your org with solid foundations.


Example Small Business Solutions

Sales and Lead management for a Residential home builder

Customer need: The customer has a significant number of leads from the home building grants, when COVID started. This customer came to Two21 with approximately 10,000 leads but no way to contact them all or prioritise them.

Two21 & Salesforce Solution: Two21 implemented Pardot for marketing automation. Leads were scored and graded by using engagement journeys. The automated emails nurtured leads to educate different potential solutions if they were ready to purchase or support others to improve their position so they could qualify for finance.

Call Centre Integration for a Solar panel sales and installation

Customer need: The customer has a number of field sales operators and a small, inhouse call center.  They needed changes for a new call center, new brand and improvements.

Two21 & Salesforce Solution: Two21 configured AirCall for the call center operators and digital forms for field workers.

Sales Quoting for a Oils and Lubricants

Customer need: The customer who sells multiple brands of oil based products, had a national sales team and a legacy ERP (Microsoft Navision) without a CRM. This made measuring sales performance and reporting very difficult. Another key issue was the frequent cost increases that needed to passed on to the customer in a reasonable way.

Two21 & Salesforce Solution: Two21 worked closely with the Customer Product Owner to create an efficient sales process. The sales team were able to see the recent sales prices for the customer and products to determine the appropriate price increases. Within 6 months, the customer had a regular 30% increase in sales while improving customer satisfaction.

Financial Services for a Statement of Advice (“SOA”) generation

Customer need: The customer is a wealth management company who attempted to self implement Salesforce however some customisations created significant limitations. Users were frustrated and worked around Salesforce.

Two21 & Salesforce Solution: Two21 rebuilt their org using a clean Financial Services Cloud org and built new two way integrations with other systems. Existing data was exported, cleaned and then reimported. Salesforce then became the key system of engagement and presented a complete picture of the customer (including their family) .


Two21 Competencies

Two21 have certified professionals in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Pardot (for Marketing Automation). We can combine these with the use of AppExchange products, third party solutions and integration capabilities.

The Salesforce Small Business page is here.