Salesforce 101 – Data, Custom Objects and Reports

Salesforce 101 – Data, Custom Objects and Reports

This is basic training (or Salesforce 101) to get started with Salesforce. The first meeting was the setup by signing up for different accounts. It’s recommended to sign up for Trailhead and a Developer account. The link to the first meeting is here.

This meeting, (Salesforce 101 – Data) is to take the mystery away from how Salesforce is used to collect the data. It’s a conversation rather than a formal presentation. Attendance is either virtual or in Perth, Western Australia.

  • Meeting 2 (this one): how to get started with collecting and using data
  • Meeting 3: Salesforce 101 – Salesforce Standard Objects and Clouds
  • Meeting 4: Salesforce 101 – Automation, Flows and Coding


This meeting covers:

  • How to log in and access the setup menu
  • How to create a new object, new field and new record (and comparing it to Excel)
  • Opening Salesforce Apps and the Consoles
  • How to create reports


Supporting links:

Build a Travel Approval App –

Salesforce Beginner Admin –


The Recording: