Two21 Training (Salesforce)

As a Perth Salesforce Partner and our values of giving back to the Perth Salesforce Community, Two21 employees lead the Salesforce Perth Developer Group and the Salesforce Perth Non-Profit group. Two21 also provides adhoc Salesforce training resources by recording open and free Two21 Training sessions. This is a list of previous and upcoming Salesforce Training events. We are also able to provide group Two21 Training sessions, which may be formal Salesforce training courses or specific training modules run by a Two21 Salesforce Consultant.


Salesforce Administration Training

Version 2 – Starting Aug 2022

Register at the Salesforce Developer Group, Perth, Australia group here:

  1. Week 1 – Set up and Expectations
  2. Salesforce 101 – Collecting Data, Custom Objects and Reports 
  3. Salesforce 101 – Salesforce Standard Objects and Clouds
  4. Salesforce 101 – Automation, Flows and Coding


Version 1 – 2021

  1. Salesforce Admin Training Week 1 (Version 1) – Introduction
  2. Salesforce Admin Training Week 2 (Version 1) – Standard Salesforce Functionality
  3. Salesforce Admin Training Week 3 (Version 1) – Creating Fields and Objects
  4. Salesforce Admin Training Week 4 (Version 1) – Screen Layouts
  5. Salesforce Admin Training Week 5 (Version 1) – Automation
  6. Salesforce Admin Training Week 6 (Version 1) – Data Import
  7. Salesforce Admin Training Week 7 (Version 1) – Salesforce Security & Permissions
  8. Salesforce Admin Training Week 8 (Version 1) – Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards
  9. Salesforce Admin Training Week 9 (Version 1) – Sales Cloud
  10. Salesforce Admin Training Week 10 (Version 1) – Service Cloud
  11. Salesforce Admin Training Week 11 (Version 1) – AppExchange and other options (Extending Salesforce)


Build an App in an hour

Build an App in under an hour (using the Salesforce Low Code Platform) – Register here:


Salesforce Automations – Flow Masterclass

We plan to run a Flow Masterclass however the date is yet to be confirmed.


Document Generation with Conga Composer

To be scheduled in conjunction with the Conga APAC team however the date is yet to be confirmed.


Marketing Automation (Pardot)

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

Pardot 101 – TBC

How to set a Marketing Strategy ready for Pardot – TBC


Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) –

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a nonprofit data model for fundraising and program management, built with a holistic view of every constituent.

NPSP – TBC (We tried this but only had 4 registrations so we cancelled it. We may attempt it again in the future however this will be based on demand.)