Gartner Keynote: The Future of Business Is Composable

The Future of Business Is Composable

“ Composable business means creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks ”

Gone are the days where technology decisions are 5-10 year investments. The technology decision was historically that range due to the migration costs. Mandating open standards (such as SCORM) enable decisions to be 2-3 year durations and that is mainly to enable the organisational change management and training to support the business adoption.

This post references the great article by Kasey Panetta, from Gartner. We strongly recommend reading the article.

The 4 principles of composable business

The idea of composable business operates on four basic principles:

  • More speed through discovery
  • Greater agility through modularity
  • Better leadership through orchestration
  • Resilience through autonomy

The three building blocks of composable business

  • Composable thinking, which keeps you from losing your creativity. Anything is composable. When you combine the principles of modularity, autonomy, orchestration and discovery with composable thinking, it should guide your approach to conceptualizing what to compose, and when.
  • Composable business architecture ensures that your organization is built to be flexible and resilient. It’s about structure and purpose. These are structural capabilities — giving you mechanisms to use in architecting your business.
  • Composable technologies are the tools for today and tomorrow. They are the pieces and parts, and what connects them all together. The four principles are product design goals driving the features of technology that support the notions of composability.

What does that mean for Two21?

CIOs will look for the “moments of composability” and seize the opportunity they present. The Salesforce platform enables the opportunity to use industry standards, open integration, inbuilt security and low code tools to quickly deliver business value.

Our services range from building iterative prototypes to building open architectures. Two21 provide honest advice that doesn’t create vendor handcuffs. While we use the Salesforce platform, Heroku, SaaS products and third party tools, the fundamental approach is the ROI to the business. If we don’t demonstrate value, we don’t deserve to continue working with our fantastic clients.

At the end of each engagement, Salesforce recommend a Customer Satisfaction Survey is completed and published on the AppExchange. You can find the Two21 listing here:

Using the Salesforce platform, we can build working solutions in days, not weeks or months.