What started Two21

There were three triggers leading up to creating Two21.

First, was the original support for the NFP sector. While volunteering as a Non-Executive Director on NFP Boards, the desire to do more kicked in. The founder’s first Salesforce implementation was as an employee of a People Learn Productions, in 2014. We were based at Midland Junction Lotteries House and we continue to support them and their tenants.

Midland Junction Lotteries House

Secondly, an AWS day where they showed the video below on the Pollexy Project.

The last trigger was being shortlisted for a Myer Fellowship Grant. The solution was to extend the voice capabilities to assist in Speech pathology, not diagnosis but more like homework. The solution used Amazon Alexa for the users and the Salesforce platform as the backend. Troy Larson even agreed to be a mentor. While I was shortlisted and unsuccessful, the desire to create solutions was too great.

Fortunately, Google is doing a similar project with Project Understood.

The Salesforce 1-1-1 program aligned perfectly with the Two21 vision. Salesforce supports of NFPs with free and discounted licences. We believe it is the best CRM platform on the market for the third sector.