Mulesoft RPA and Mulesoft Composer – Like Salesforce Flow

Mulesoft RPA and Mulesoft Composer

Mulesoft RPA is expected to be generally available in early August 2022 AND INTEGRATED WITH FLOW! Adding to MuleSoft Composer, that is already generally available and speeds up integration with a low code interface

The solution now includes no-code capabilities to automate repetitive manual tasks using bots with MuleSoft RPA (robotic process automation) and to quickly connect data from any system, such as Slack, Stripe, and Workday, with MuleSoft Composer. The new capabilities are fully integrated into Salesforce Flow1.


What Mulesoft RPA and Composer do:

  • Deliver intelligent automation anywhere: RPA enables any team to replace repetitive and manual tasks with bots that can intelligently process data from any system, document, photo, or legacy user interface. These bots can also be securely shared and reused across teams.
  • Drive faster innovation with clicks, not code: Purpose-built for business teams, both Composer and RPA seamlessly connect applications with pre-built enterprise connectors and bots.
  • Automate and integrate anything:  Both RPA and Composer work seamlessly with Anypoint Platform, MuleSoft’s industry-leading integration and API management platform. Automations can benefit from hundreds of connectors to important systems and even directly invoke APIs created by technical teams.
  • Achieve end-to-end automation at scale: Teams can use RPA to automate workflows across multiple systems and apps by integrating RPA bots seamlessly with Salesforce Customer 360, Anypoint Platform, and MuleSoft Composer.
  • Maintain security and governance: With Anypoint Platform, IT teams can govern, monitor, and secure any automation and integration built with APIs or bots.
MuleSoft RPA automates any process for any team with personalized bots


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