SafeWA to help WA remain healthy from COVID-19

Mandatory contact registers for businesses

From December 5, a contact register will be maintained by the state government, with people’s information kept for 28 days.

SafeWA is our free and convenient app for businesses to safely and securely record patrons’ contact details.

Hospitality venues and other businesses in WA will be forced to keep a register of patrons and staff to help COVID-19 contact tracing, with a QR code system among the options.

A contact register is a record of anyone over 16 years of age (including staff, customers, contractors and volunteers) who attends a specified business or venue in WA. It must record the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Date
  • Arrival time

Contact registration is not required for customers collecting takeaway orders or for children under 16 years. However, adults that accompany children under 16 are encouraged to register their details.

The information will only be used for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing by the Department of Health WA, and records will be destroyed after 28 days. Their purpose is to allow health officials to quickly identify and assist anyone that may have been exposed to COVID-19.


Which businesses and venues need to keep a contact register?

The following businesses and venues must retain a contact register of all visitors, including customers, contractors, staff and volunteers:

  • food and licenced venues (restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs),
  • gyms, indoor sporting centres and pools,
  • places of worship and funeral parlours,
  • beauty and personal care services including hairdressers and barbers,
  • galleries and museums,
  • cinemas, theatres and other entertainment venues,
  • auction houses and real estate inspections,
  • community facilities, libraries and halls,
  • zoos and amusement parks,
  • function centres, and
  • accommodation facilities that already have check-in arrangements in place (i.e. hostels, hotels, large camp grounds).

Contact registration is encouraged, but not mandatory for other types of businesses and gatherings.


Download SafeWA from:

  Apple’s App Store
  Google Play.




A security guard working in a Perth hotel used for isolation, contracted the virus however no further transfer has been identified. He had another job which put him in contact with many others. A lockdown started at 6pm on 31 Jan for 5 days.  School was due to start on Monday but was delayed a week. The impact for most people has been minor except the shops who had a rush on Sunday afternoon.

WA Lockdown infographic

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