Salesforce IoT Example

Using Sensors to create Salesforce IoT Service Cases

Sensors are everywhere and becoming an expected part of life. Behind the billions of connected apps, devices, sensors, and sites, there are customers — people who expect your product or service to live up to its promise. How can service workers be told of problems before they happen? The answer is using Salesforce IoT created service cases.

Salesforce has the Salesforce IoT cloud to harness IoT data to build, iterate and deploy proactive sales, service or marketing business processes. The IoT cloud is great but it is for enterprise solutions. Mid and smaller sized organisations have options but they aren’t out of the box.

The Business Scenario

Our scenario is a temperature sensor that runs every minute.

When the temperate exceeds a set level, a case is raised.

If the case is not actioned and the temperature is still too high, the priority increases.

This pattern can be used in any setting where temperature control is important. Food, medicines and Salesforce developers all need to be stored at specific temperatures.

The Two21 Salesforce IoT Solution

This prototype has a temperature sensor that raises a case in Service Cloud when the temperature reaches 30 degrees. The Raspberry Pi sensor sends data to Amazon AWS. There is logic in a lambda function that checks for any values over a set number. When that occurs, a case is created in Salesforce.

A button next to the temperature sensor is clicked to close the case.

The future improvement will use an external object and graph the values over time. This would enable a service worker to have context.

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IoT board and screens
Salesforce IoT prototype using a sensor and button