Salesforce Podcasts

Salesforce Podcasts

Podcasts are a key way to passively consume content. There are podcasts created by the mothership however this is more about the other ones, the independent ones.


The “I listen to every episode” bunch

Code Coverage – Salesforce Developer Podcast

A Podcast for Salesforce Developers by Steven Herod and Matt Lacey. These guys are legendary in the Aussie Salesforce ecosystem. I remember finding this podcast and it was brutally honest and Australian. They have some really insightful information and don’t take them too seriously. Definitely worth a listen however the episodes are not as frequent as we would all like.


Brian Kwong (Salesforce Wizard) and Mark Ross (Salesforce Yoda) really created something special. “The WizardCast is a Salesforce podcast focused on the products, features, and community of – with a sense of humor. Learn Salesforce best practices, tips, and insights. Hear interesting tidbits, humor, and likely many bad puns.” I’m usually enticed by the dad jokes within the first 5 minutes that set the tone. The content was more raw and honest at the start but still worth a listen.

Good Day, Sir! Show, a Salesforce Podcast

A weekly technology and software podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce Platform. Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago have hit their goal, ” to keep developers and non-developers informed with our own unique brand of casual, honest, and entertaining commentary”. Definitely worth a listen and the beer updates.

Talent Hub Talk

Ben Duncombe, Founder of Talent Hub, uses his vast network to speak to interesting people. I have found episodes vary a lot depending on the guest but there are some real gems.

Platform Diaries with Shane Williams

With 2 episodes just launched, I technically fall into this category. Shane Williams “uncovers the secrets of industry veterans on how to sustainably amplify value from your software platform investments”. Great to have more Aussie content. You’ll


The “I listen occasionally” bunch

The Salesforce Way – Xi Xiao created a bi-weekly podcast to interview Software technologists to pick their brains. This is a great example of having an idea of making it happen.

SFDC Consultant – Interviews, Podcasts, Articles and Videos about Salesforce Careers, Projects and Developments.

Forcepreneur – Excellent content for independent Salesforce consultants. Ankit Taneja shares some gems.

I’ll also throw Code[ish], the Salesforce Developer Podcast and the mothership produced content.


The “no longer active” bunch

The Salesforce Posse Podcast – 8 episodes finishing in Jan 2020.

The Modernisation  – started strong but went dormant in June 2020 after 12 episodes.