Our Story

The Two21 Story

Two21 was founded in 2017 and acquired by 8Squad in 2023 to become their Perth based team and establish a truly national team.

4yo Blake shooting a basketball

Our Beginnings

Two21 was founded in late 2017 with the goal to help Not For Profit organisations. It later evolved to become less specific but still generally help good people and improve social outcomes.

The Name
Two21 is an unusual name but it has a specific meaning. The founder of Two21 has three children, each very different. His youngest child was blessed with Down’s syndrome (Trisomy 21). Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in extra genetic material from chromosome 21, or three chromosomes at 21. You can put two and 2 together here.

The little guy uses his gift to make his world better with smiles and laughter. Two21 was founded to make the world better, using different skills and experience.

Our Vision

The Two21 V2MOM (Updated Jan 2022)

To create valued people based systems that improve lives
Select the right clients.
Be lean and demonstrate value.
Speak up and show moral courage consistently.
Invest into the community. We can all win together.
Health and Family are a priority.
Two21 is on the Western Australian Government ICT CUA.
Create and promote local success stories.
Provide an alternative options to sending work offshore.
Leverage available tools (like Process Builder and NPSP) to deliver quickly.
Bundle services and product to share ownership and risk.
Measure tangible value and satisfaction at the end of each project.
Limited local Salesforce skills in Perth.
Scaling is difficult. Employ for culture and invest.
Focus. We need to be selective on who we work with.
Traditional buying patters and existing relationships. Align with results based leaders early.
Social outcomes sometimes do not have appropriate budget and need us help.
Happy Customers.
Grow Two21 without reducing quality.
Keep our staff, customers, families and community healthy.
Local community events, donations and support.

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